Are your jewelry pieces suitable for those with allergies?

Certainly! Our bracelets and stud earrings are crafted to be 100% free from nickel and are safe for those with allergies. However, please note that our drop earrings do contain minor nickel traces, so if you're particularly sensitive, it's best to avoid these.

As for our ALIGN watch, it's designed with 316L medical-grade Stainless Steel. While generally suitable for those with mild allergies, remember that all stainless steel contains about 10-14% trace nickel. We recommend caution for those who are highly allergic.

The ALIGN watch I purchased is a bit large. How can I alter the strap's size?

Congratulations on your new watch! We trust you'll love its beauty and utility. For guidance on adjusting the metal mesh strap, please refer to our detailed instructions provided here.

I'm buying for someone special. Can I send my order as a gift?

Absolutely, that's so considerate of you! At the checkout page, you'll find a "Special Instructions" box. Simply leave a message there, and we'll ensure to insert an optional card penned with your words. And don’t worry, we ensure the price remains absent from all in-package materials.

Do you offer gift wrapping options?

Every order we send out is wrapped with care and attention to detail, presenting an elegant unboxing experience. However, if you have a specific wrapping preference, do let us know in the "Special Instructions" box during checkout. We'll strive to meet your request.

Is the rose quartz you use authentic?

Absolutely! Every piece of rose quartz we incorporate is 100% genuine.

Any recommendations for cleaning rose quartz?

A gentle cleanse with warm, soapy water works wonders for rose quartz. Another method involves placing it in a bowl filled with cool water, then adding sea salt and allowing it to soak for an hour.

Expert Tip: Purifying your gemstones with sage smudge smoke is also a great way to refresh and cleanse them!