Little Self-Love Notes

Always remember that YOU are your forever best friend.

You eat with you, you talk with you, you go out to a movie with you.

You are always with You.

When you really believe in LOVE and especially the love of SELF, you can never be alone because who, better than you, knows your strengths and weaknesses and loves you anyway? Who, better than you, can console you and empathize with you? Who, better than you, accepts you unconditionally and loves everything you love?

…YOU !

-- K+K 


People can give you energy and other people can take it away.

You must guard your heart and have a true knowing of what is right for you.

How does someone make you feel? You must be so in tune with your true self that you are certain of what you know - no one can rattle you or push you in any direction you are not willing to go.

Follow that voice inside your soul always and you will never be disappointed.

That is true self love.

-- K+K 


When we think a thought about someone else it has to pass through us first.

When the thought is positive, we experience positive feelings - our heart sings, our body soars, and we feel good.

When thoughts toward another are negative, we experience negative feelings - our heart feels sad and our body gets sick.

Let’s focus on how we THINK and how we FEEL so we can not only have love for ourselves but also have love to give others.

-- K+K 


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